Our Story

We are Kenitres & Megan, two former school counselors who joined forces to create Sunshine & Hurricane. Through our own individual journeys in counseling, we discovered a love for helping others guide themselves toward a path of self-discovery and healing. Through our work with the school system, we saw a greater need within the community and realized a strong desire to work with clients on a deeper level. We both developed a passion for mental health and created insightful, strength-based approaches to help our students and our clients heal, be heard, and experience empathy and affirmation along their journey. Whether we are connecting with our clients, our students, or other professionals, we believe in encouraging others to explore, process, and heal so they can thrive. Because not all wounds are visible, we are dedicated to healing the unseen. We do that by helping our clients overcome mental health challenges. We're committed to being confidential, empathetic, and approachable throughout the therapeutic journey. It is true gift to walk with a client and be present to witness their growth!