What To Expect


We are a private-pay practice. Payment is expected after each session and is collected through the Simple Practice portal.

Session costs are $85 per 45 minute session.


All therapy sessions at this time are online remote sessions. Scheduling is handled through the Simple Practice portal. Cancellations later than 48 hours in advance will be charged half of the session fee.

Accessing Your Session

Sessions are 45 minutes in length and are accessed through the Simple Practice portal.

Goals of Counseling

During our first or second session, we will develop counseling goals together. This will provide a roadmap for the therapeutic process and enable us to track progress throughout the journey.


Counseling sessions, including the fact that you are in counseling, are confidential. Confidentiality and its limits are addressed in greater detail in the Notice of Privacy and Informed Consent forms completed through Simple Practice.

Counselor Communication

You may want to communicate with your counselor between sessions, and you can do this through the Simple Practice portal. These communications can be used to schedule or reschedule sessions, ask logistical questions, share something that you would like to discuss at your next session, or perhaps even share a celebration.

Preparing for your First Session

  1. Complete the required forms through Simple Practice. Don't be afraid to call or email with questions as they arise!

  2. Schedule an appointment

  3. Be open & honest

  4. During your first session, we will review the paperwork you completed, get to know each other, and consider developing goals for counseling.

  5. Think about the how frequently you would like to meet with your therapist.